Strawberry Poke Cake - Your Guests Will Do More Than Poke at This Dish!

If you love strawberry desserts like a strawberry pie jello recipe or plump, juicy strawberries with ice cream, you are going to love strawberry poke cake. A poke cake is made by poking holes in a baked cake and then pouring jello over the cake and allowing it to set.

You can make small holes with a fork or bigger ones with a chopstick. Any flavor of jello is great for making poke cake recipes, although contrasting colors are good so strawberry or raspberry jello would look nice on a white cake and anything would go with a chocolate cake.


Part of the appeal of poke cakes is how great they taste. Not only does the jello give a fruity flavor to the cake but also the whole cake is covered in jello, which gives it a great texture. If you accidentally overcook a cake and it comes out of the oven dry, you can pour jello over it to disguise the fact!

Strawberry Poke Cake - Your Guests Will Do More Than Poke at This Dish!

Poke cakes are great fun to make and that is true whether the kids are helping you to bake or whether you are doing it yourself. Poking the holes with the fork is fun and so is pouring the jello mixture over the cake and waiting patiently for it to set so you can have a big slice!

You can either serve a poke cake plain or garnish it with whipped cream and fresh fruit. If you do not use the cream and fruit, why not serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or some chocolate ice cream syrup, to dress it up a bit? This dessert is great for kids and adults alike. It is ideal for anyone who loves jello recipes and that includes nearly everybody.

Recipe for Strawberry Poke Cake

The following recipe makes a beautiful cake, which serves six people. You can use a cake mix, for convenience sake, and decorate the cake with the juiciest, plumpest fresh strawberries you can find, for spectacular results. Keep any leftover cake in the refrigerator.

What you will need:

  • 3 oz package strawberry jello
  • 1 package white cake mix
  • Oil, eggs, and water (as specified on the cake mix container)
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 12 oz whipped cream
  • 12 fresh strawberries

How to make it:

Make the cake, following the instructions on the package. Bake the cake for about forty minutes or until it is done at 350 degrees F. Let it cool in the cake pan for fifteen minutes, and then let it finish cooling on a wire rack. Poke holes all over the cake using a fork.

Dissolve the strawberry jello in the boiling water and pour this mixture all over the cake. You should set the wire rack over a rimmed baking sheet to catch any jello drips. Chill the strawberry poke cake for four hours or until the jello has set. Decorate the cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Poke Cake - Your Guests Will Do More Than Poke at This Dish!

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